Sit on the couch with the Tablet Layout

Where things are basically a laptop/mobile hybrid. Relaxed.

Mission Statement

One day this website will be more than just a bunch of landing pages. For now, it will mainly just be landing pages. It's the cheapest way to showcase, and it's how I consume content from businesses close to me.

And now look, a website of my own. Perhaps together, we too can deploy your website globally and with as much redundancy as you or your budget allow. How awesome is that?

In closing, be kind to yourself and those around you.

Volcanos Rules

Nature nails it again, big ups to fresh magma for pulling through with extra land for Hawai'i on the regular. You're selling? I'm buying, that fresh acrage.

Earthquakes Rip

Shaking with excitment for the big one! Once again another banger of a natural occurence. These things love landmass formation, often hanging with mulitple volcanoes!

Glacial Calving

Tell me more buddy! Accelerated by human caused climate warming, these feral splash zones will blow you into the icey water! Hold it together stone cold pole guardians!